Thursday, November 29, 2007

Are you a winner, loser, or a chooser?

This is the question everyone needs to ask themselves. Before you answer the question take a second to think about it.

Here are some questions to ask yourself.
.Are you happy? Why or Why not.
.Do you have the money you want? Why or Why Not.
.Do you have the marriage/relationship you want? Why or Why Not.
.Do you live where you want to live? Why or Why Not.
.Most importantly Are you the person you want to be? WHY OR WHY NOT!!!

These are just a few questions that you and only you can answer.

I hope your answers are yes to every one of these questions but my guess is that you answered to no to at least one or more. If you answered no to any of these you need to find out why or in this case The WHY NOT!

Whether you believe in God or not; God has given us all free will. My intentions are not to preach to you however free will is the ability to make our own decisions (CHOICES)!

Some people believe we are all gods in ourselves I do not believe this however to some extent I agree that we have the power of God in us to change the universe that directly affects us.

Whenever something goes wrong most people look for excuses of why we need to look at how to change it into a good thing. DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE IT!!

I’m no different than anyone else I have always told my boys they are winners I have now changed the way I motivate, explain and teach them. I now start out the day with asking them are you going to choose to be a winner or loser today. This applies to behavior, school work, sports ECT. I let them choose again (CHOICES). What they choose they have to suffer the consequences. This does not just apply to kids it applies to us as adults everyday.

I leave you with this. When it comes to real estate I look at it this way either I choose to succeed or I don’t. If I do not succeed it is no one elses fault but my own.

If we all look at ourselves this way it will definitely affect our decisions.

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